Manage job postings

Manage job postings and candidates with our tracking apps.

  1. Will send your job posting to our job seekers.
  2. Entity may also choose unlimited search of our candidate profiles manually.
  3. For manual search, always send an invitation first before proceeding Contact Link.
  4. For candidates who are interested to link up, opportunity openings are displayed below each posting in your dashboard.
  5. Entity will filter the candidates and need to respond, and mark them as "shortlisted" or "KIV".
  6. Potential candidates' contact information can be retrieved once you click Contact Link button and add him/her to your resource pool.
  7. Manage your candidates into 5 tracking categories: 
  • By Invitations list (doesn't require points)



  • Interested list (doesn't require points)
  • Shortlisted (doesn't require points)
  • KIV list (doesn't require points)
  • Resource Pool list (Consume points)

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Sample of Management and Respond: