What are Godzilink points?

Godzilink Points are virtual credits where Entities use them for Godzilink services.

Entity can purchase the points from Agensi Pekerjaan T Link Marketing Sdn Bhd office; payment by cheque, bank-in, money transfer or online to Godzilink.com by credit card or pay pal.

For purchase agreement, expiry date, terms and conditions, etc, please request our Sales Agreement Form from our sales office.

For more information, kindly contact our office or email Sandy at styong@godzilink.com


Entity can view recent Godzilink Points balance and record from their dashboard setting page. Godzilink Points are valid for 365 days from the latest date of purchase. No extension of use will not be granted for unutilised points which have passed their expiry dates. 

Paid Contact Links are visible for 365 days from the date of each link. Entity/Employer is advised to save profiles to their own storage devices or print hard copies thereof.

  1. Godzilink Points
  2. Where can I use the points?

    Godzilink Points are used in services such as

    • Retrieve full contact profile & add to resource pool
    • Beyond 3 FREE postings
  3. Where can I view my points record?
  4. Successful Contact Link tips: Godzilink.com is an opportunity platform and DOES NOT GUARANTEE that a PAID Contact Link candidate will eventually respond. Always Contact Link with candidate who approaches you first and profile "GREEN Light". Always send invitation to candidates and wait for their responses before spending points on their Contact Link. Always check their last login date.