FAQ for Employer (Entity) & Candidate (Job seeker)

Entity Guideline PDFCandidate Guideline PDF

1.Having trouble signing in into existing profile?

Ans: Kindly contact webmaster@godzilink.com with your profile ID, we will always assist you in full speed.



2.Lost your passwords?

Ans: Kindly make use of our "Forgot Password" feature, our system will automatically guide you through the password retrieval process.



3.Can I create more than one profile?

Ans: To ensure maximum data accuracy, we do not encourage multiple accounts per entity. Similar applies to candidate profile.



4.Can I create a profile on behalf of another entity or candidate?

Ans: We do not encourage this process. If there is an urgent need, we highly recommend that you acquire an official authorization letter from the party you are acting on behalf of. We will lawfully co-operate with any legal authority body if any identify theft, illegal use or fraud case is reported.



5.Can I register as a candidate and at the same time register as an entity?

Ans: Yes. For example if you are a contact person handling HR recruitment for a company(register as an entity in Godzilink.com), but at the same time is looking for better opportunity, you are always welcome to register as a candidate.



6.Can I leave my profile idle or not respond to incoming requests?

Ans: According to our terms and conditions of use, we strongly suggest our members to follow our system flow. Most responses are simply just a mouse click which will not cost additional effort. There may be cases, where your name be listed into "idle list" if user reports to Godzilink.com that there is no response from you.

If you choose to be Inactive, kindly change your profile green light to red light.

For entity, you may choose to close your postings. 



7.What should i do next if i get shortlisted notification from employer?

Ans:  You are advised to wait for their official interview email/phone calls. While waiting, we also recommend you to apply for a few more jobs opportunities. Another recommendation is to try and call up the HR(employer) directly.





8.How do i use "Green light" or "Red Light" buttons?

Answer to Candidate: Checking the box "I am looking for new opportunity" will give you a green light status(Active). It is a communication method to inform talent seekers about your eagerness for looking opportunites. Uncheck the box means you do not wish to be approached or Inactive.

Answer to Entity: Red light in posting shows that your posting is under pending not ready to be shown to public.



9.Why is there no response from entity/employer or candidate/job seekers?

Answer for entity: If you invited a candidate, and he/she stays in your invitation list for long time, it probably means that he/she is not interested in your opportunity offered.

If there is no respond from candidate who is in your resource pool, there may be other reasons that the communication channel is breakdown or he/she is no more interested in the opportunities.

Answer to candidate: If you are interested in an opportunity but there is no respond from the entity, it probably means that, the entity has prefered another candidate on the list for this opportunity. You may want to try other opportunites to maximize your best results or try to call up the HR(employer) directly. 



10.Why is my posting or profile rejected or removed?

Ans: It probably means that you have prohibited information input into the profile or posting system. Always take note of the admin remark. For details, you may view terms and condition of use.



11.Termination of use?

Ans for entity: Kindly verify your balance Godzilink Points in your account. Godzilink.com does not offer credit refund. If you account has any unutilise points, we advise that you consume it before you terminate the service. You may drop an official email for termination of use to admin@godzilink.com

Answer to candidate: Kindly email your profile ID to our admin@godzilink.com for official profile termination



 12.How to report fraud/scams or illegal use?

Ans : Every registered users and posting has unique ID. If you discover any prohibited misued, scam or fraud, kindly contact Godzilink.com