Career in Nursing

Overview of the General Functions


Nurses are an integral part of any medical care system. That has in turn made nursing careers as important as any others in the society. The general function of a nurse is to provide help to a physician and care for the patient. There are a lot of responsibilities that fall under the purview of a nurse. Some of these may change from one specialty to another but some remain very general. Here is a look at some of them;

General Patient care

Administering injections and IVs

Monitor medical procedures

Updating medical records

Patient education

Post operative care for patients

Preparation of patients for medical procedures

Provide prescriptions

Patient evaluations

Draw blood and collect specimen for testing

Monitoring of vital signs


There are different aspects in the nursing career. Anyone training to be a nurse has options to select from. All these options have their strong points and appeal to different kinds of individuals. Here are some of the areas that one might get into in a nursing career

1. Military Nursing

2. Travel Nursing

3. Research Nursing

4. Forensic Nursing

5. Flight Nursing

6. Supplemental Nursing

7. Holistic Nursing

8. Pediatric Nursing

9. Managed Care Nursing

10. Trauma Nursing

11. Genetics Nursing


This is just a mention of the few specialties that one can get into when joining the nursing career. There is information that can help one select what exactly they want to specialize in. Most of the time, passion and interest determines in which specialty an individual ends up. 

Nursing is all about the passion. It is about wanting to help people get better. For some people, children are their strong suits. Someone like that would choose to become a pediatric nurse. The skills that someone has are very important. There are some people who are better in some areas than others. 

Training for Nurses

Before getting into nurse training, it is important for someone to know what they want to do. Different nursing schools offer different programs in nurse training. The level of training will usually correspond with the program. A Degree program for instance will have more advanced training than a certificate program.

The school where one selects to go for their training is vital. There are some schools that are better than others when it comes to nurse training. It is important to analyze carefully several schools before selecting one. The reputation that a school has may make all the difference. A good school may open doors when out in the world. 

Types of Nurses

The training that one gets for nursing will determine the kind of career they have. In today’s world, training for nurses is being taken more seriously. The different positions that are available for nurses depend on the skills that an individual has. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) for instance deal mostly the entry level functions of nursing. Registered Nurses (RN) on the other hand handle more complex duties.

LPNs are usually meant to provide assistance to the RNs. Their scope of practice is also less compared to RNs.  Both types of nurse can chose to work in a general area or in more specialized areas. That is something that would depend on the individual. RN nurses can also get advance training to become ARN (Advanced Registered Nurse). These are some of the highest paid nurses.

Nursing is an old field of practice. It was there even before most of the other professions. It however requires more than just the right training to become a professional nurse. It requires someone to know what they are good at. It requires a lot of disclppine. Nursing has its own regulations and code of ethics that practitioners must abide by. A career in nursing is something that requires dedication in order to have the right kind of impact.


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