Why we choose Godzilink.com?

  1. FREE & EASY posting for employers, principals & candidates; longer publicity exposure with cost effective plans.

  2. FREE pre-screening of candidates', employers' & principals' database profiles; helps you to improve hiring speed and quality.

  3. FREE INBOX storage facility for interested Entity allows access to candidates listing for current and future reviews. Manage your own dashboard.

  4. Job postings & searching NOT ONLY limited to full time professionals. We are open to expatriates, part timers, freelancers, consultants, sidelines, skilled persons, etc.

  5. We provide powerful SOLUTIONS for business expansion. Godzilink.com is an effective platform for finding the right sales representatives, individual agents or distributors to sell your products in your area or beyond your area.

  6. We have social media share buttons to SPREAD job postings.





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