Stay Healthy During a Haze


In the recent haze that blanketed parts of Malaysia and Singapore, many people fell ill and suffered adverse effects due to unhealthy air conditions. However, as much as everyone resorts to finger pointing, it is only wise to seek ways to mitigate the problem and rise above the situation. Staying healthy in a situation like this should be everyone’s top most priority instead of looking for someone to blame.


A haze can bring on eye inflammation or conjunctivitis, nasal irritation, throat irritation, lung tissue inflammation and scarring. Also, people with respiratory conditions and heart diseases may worsen during a haze. The following are a few tips to consider during “hazy” situations:

·        Use indoor air-purifiers

Purchase a reliable indoor air-purifier or an air-conditioner with built-in filters that can block out the haze. Soft particles of haze can seep into the house even after closing all ventilation outlets. In a situation where an air-purifier is not available, boil some water and then let the steam fill up the room to clear the air.


·         Drink lots of water

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to stay hydrated. Haze toxins can absorb into our lungs and skin forcing our kidneys to work harder, therefore, we need to stay hydrated to enable the effective excretion of toxins.


·         Refrain from consuming alcohol and coffee

Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate our internal system, therefore, it is wise to refrain from drinking alcohol of coffee during a haze to help our bodies stay hydrated.


·         Boost your immunity by eating healthy food

Increase the intake of protein, calcium, refined carbs and good fat. A balanced diet will help your body derive the right amounts of nutrients to fight the effects of the haze. For this you also need enough amounts of vitamins C, E and Omega 3.


·         Wash your hands and face regularly

Wash your hands and face regularly to eliminate toxins on your skin. After returning from the outdoors, be sure to shower immediately to cleanse away toxins.


·         Items to keep handy

During a haze be sure to be equipped with a face mask, eye drops, water bottle, tissues and wet wipes.


·         Consult a doctor

Consult a doctor immediate if you encounter breathing problems or skin problems. It is quite common to suffer from runny nose during the haze because it is the body’s response of producing mucus to excrete the toxins.


Remember, it is better to be careful and take precautions than be sorry.


By Christina Thomas