Human Resource Management and Its Objectives


As a business owner, there are a few important things you need to always worry about. One of them is your human resource. Basically, this entails workers in your organization. For your business to thrive in the current competitive business world, you need to have the right staff. Therefore you have a great task of ensuring that whoever you include in your team is fit for the job. This is not always easy considering that there are so many jobseekers in the market right now. Choosing the right employee from such a wide range is quite overwhelming. That is why you need qualified persons to help you manage your human resources. 

Human resource management is critical in today’s business. In fact, most organizations today have set up departments that specifically deal with this task. Recent studies have revealed that most of the factors that motivate workers are quite intrinsic and are anchored on the urge to meet individual’s personal needs. Human beings are known to have a couple of essential psychological needs such as the ability to accomplish something, being part and parcel of a team, and need to be respected and encouraged by others. The most important thing to note is the fact that these needs are not necessarily met with financial rewards. Rather, they can be met by giving the individual opportunities such as promotion, a chance to contribute, a chance to make important decisions, and a chance to accomplish various important tasks. A certain renowned scholar by the name Harrods recognized these fundamental needs and encouraged things such as job alternation, job extension as well as job enrichment in order to give the individual an opportunity to grow in their career.


Job alternation involves regularly changing jobs as well as work stations. This is important because it helps workers to learn new expertise in various parts of the organization. Therefore it is important to expose your workers to cross departmental experiences. It will help them to learn new skills and become more useful to the company. Some of the important jobs that every employee in your organization should be well-versed with include customer relations, sales recording, reporting, online customer relations, and more. With these skills, a person becomes more productive. Job enrichment entails creating existing job responsibilities by allowing workers to engage in different tasks that are interesting to them. For instance, you should allow your workers to assume leadership responsibilities once in a while. You should also remove redundant supervision. It makes a worker feel more confident in what they do. 


Another important reason why you need to have an active human resource management department in your organization is because it will help you to create a team of informed staff. Having an educated workforce comes with numerous benefits for organizations. It is also important to ensure that your employees enjoy the engagement exercise. You should therefore ensure that every employee in your organization appreciates the change in culture. They also need to feel that they have played an important role in realizing this change. Human resource management also helps you as the employer to gauge the performance of every employee in your organization. Remember. In order to realize your business objectives, every employee has to play their role. Therefore you have to check on the progress of each employee. It will help you to identify the areas where the worker needs to improve on for the benefit of their career and the company. When you engage your employees in your daily operations, they will feel much appreciated and therefore become more committed to the organization. They also help your organization to realize its objectives.           

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