The High Rewards Of Finance, Accounting /Audit Careers



If you are an ambitious person, with a passion for geometry and high expectations of salary rewards, then a financial career is what you need. There are many benefits that come with the finance, accounts and audit careers, benefits that can never disappoint you. In fact, if there are people who enjoy their work most, then it is the financial bigwigs. These are viewed as very important people in the society. 



Careers of a kind!

Did you know that it is impossible for a company to operate without an auditor, a financial controller or an accounts manager? Did you also know that if a company operated without the three, then it’s on its way to a bad bankruptcy break? A break that could be hard to heal and with many debts that could take years to recover? Have you heard of companies that have been sued, or auctioned for not meeting the deadlines of borrowed money? Did you know that the reason why you ever hear of such cases is either because that particular company did not have the three key persons or basically the three persons had no clue of their job? 

Whenever a company opens up, the three persons are always on the first page of the listing of employees. It’s not usually about how close you are with the manager, but how good you are at your job! Notice that if a company gets biased on financial controllers on the basis of how well they know each other, that company is doomed and destined to fall with such a big thud. Companies are more often than not advised to employ career people who have undergone thorough study of finance, audit and full accounts.  Therefore if you feel you are good at accounting, do not hesitate to take up this very paying career.

If you look around, anyone that has professionally studied these careers is much respected in all companies they join. These are known as the basis and platforms of companies.  Its either they do their job or sleep on it, but either way there are rewards.

The expectations of the 3 bodies

For the financial controllers, auditors, and accounts persons, there is much that is expected of them. 

However big a company could be, the three bodies are accountable to the financial flow of the company. 

For the auditors, it is up to them to determine where the company is headed in every financial year. This is the body that stipulates the profits versus the losses of the company. Whatever every coin was spent on, the auditor has to account for that; whether it was spent on office stationery, or whatever it did. All of the finances must be accounted for.

These are the people who distribute the finances which must be done with great accountability, professionalism, and in a way that the company will not go down. 

They are expected to be somber at all times, and ensure that the company does not go bankrupt.  Most often that not, the financial controller is usually one; who is the major figure of the company. Why this is done, is so that blame game is eliminated just incase some misappropriation of finances occurs. When the body of financial controllers is clearly defined, decision making also gets better and quicker.


The good thing about the 3 mentioned careers is that you choose how hard you want to work, and likewise who you want to work for. Your effort is what pays you, unlike in other careers. What really inspires the financial personnel is the fact that even a small assignment pays so much. The benefits that come with the 3 careers are enormous and full of irresistible advantages.


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