Insight into the Trends of Cloud Computing Industry


Cloud computing and technology is undoubtedly one of the most significant, valuable and interesting factors for modern enterprises to run efficiently and make the headway to global success. As increasing number of enterprises are making an enthusiastic move towards their journey to cloud computing, it becomes very obvious to understand about cloud computing industry and its fast moving global trends.

In one of the State of the Cloud Survey conducted by one of premier organization, which involved enquiring  technical professionals across a broad cross-section of organizations on their plans of going out for cloud computing. The 24% of respondents to question were from huge organizations with over 100 employees working in them. And in the most recent survey on cloud computing trends found that public cloud adoption has experienced the surge of 90 percent and moving to easier hybrid cloud as enterprises continue to look on expansion of portfolio of cloud services. Approximately, 60% enterprises are reporting cloud computing as their highest IT priority.

The trends in adoption and use of cloud based technology have risen to highest levels. The trends clearly indicate that as many as 94% of organizations put on survey are successively finding themselves running into applications or going for real time experiments with relation to infrastructure-as-a-service. Almost 87 % of organizations have gone ahead for public cloud.

The choice for hybrid cloud is made by 74% of business enterprises and such organizations have already incorporated public and private cloud technology in their work places. Surveys conducted in the area of enterprise cloud governance until recently have shown that fewer than 1/3rd of business enterprises only have critical system in place for e-governance, where comprehensive technology like cloud computing can be used – It includes the Cost Management and Disaster Recovery Approaches.

From over all perspectives and as studies show, the cloud benefits in the year 2014 have grown phenomenally was respondents have shown more reports and benefits. The next generation IT companies are quickly shaping up as they are using mixture of Cloud + DevOps + Self-Service IT solutions to make their businesses expand to various global levels.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is already dominating public cloud adoption as it is proud to have 54% market share, and other vendors falling in line are battling for second place. Google and Microsoft are gaining the advantage with its latest breed of IaaS offerings. More number of Cloud Users are opting for Azure (leading business enterprises) and Google Cloud Platform on the other hand go for small and midsize organizations.

As far as enterprises are concerned, the prevailing private cloud technology use has moved towards the traditional type of virtualization vendors. However, it is also not the fast growing trend. This type of trend is still not quite prevalent.

Cloud computing is 40 times more cost-effective for small and medium business enterprises in comparison to the running one’s own IT company. It is also expected that cloud computing is likely to touch $241 billion by the year 2020.

IT organizations are speedily taking the step towards whole new world where they are ready for substantial offerings based on the portfolio of cloud services, both public and private, for adding to the diverse requirements of applications. Vast range of organizations with diversified networks has already made it possible to go for cloud journey that would substantiate the IT as one of the leading, critical component for corporate growth and its profits.

Many of small, medium and large business organizations are already benefiting from implementation of cloud technology. All barriers to cloud technology adoption are either reducing to minimal front or have already been eliminated.



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