Don’t Cross The Yellow Line


Don’t Cross The Yellow Line


With the recent spate of crimes against shoppers in shopping malls around the city, one can never be too careful where personal safety is concerned. Many of us multi-task while walking along the mall, oblivious to our surroundings and whoever that’s watching us – busy with our iPhones, texting or listening to music. These shoppers are referred to as “Condition White” and for criminals these are practically “sitting ducks” and the ultimate target.


On the other hand, “Condition Yellow” are those that are relaxed yet fully aware of their surroundings and with an alert mind. “Condition Yellow” is the state of mind that all shoppers should strive to achieve to avoid being victimised.


These are what “Condition Yellow” people do to avoid being a victim of a crime in a shopping mall:

·         Walking confidently whilst scanning their surroundings, making it a tough call to surprise them.

·         Wearing moderately casual clothing that allows them to move freely and quickly, if necessary.

·         Looking out for suspicious body language of suspected criminals.

·         Never venturing into dark corners or isolated areas to smooch or talk on the phone.

·         Not flashing cash openly after withdrawing from a mall ATM.

·         Getting their car keys ready while walking to the car and not fumbling inside their handbags for it in a dark and lonely parking lot.

·         Locking the doors as soon as they are inside the car and driving away immediately.

·         Are cautious of vans with tinted windows parked beside their cars, as they could be pulled into the van while trying to get into their car.

·     Ensuring that they are not followed by anyone on the way to the car park by being alert and looking around while walking briskly to the car.

·         By alerting security or getting security to escort them to the car when suspecting something amiss.

·        Never ever engaging in a telephone conversation while walking alone in a shopping mall or parking lot. Call the person back if it is an important call, once you have driven away from the mall and always use a hands-free kit.

·         Not turning their backs to the world and meddling with stuff in the booth for a long period of time, inviting a criminal attack.


Do not assume that ladies and their handbags are the only targets of criminals because unsuspecting men can also be targeted. As much as you have practiced martial arts, refrain from being a hero and taking on a criminal by yourself. Alert the mall security by screaming, honking your car horn or even triggering your car alarm to gain attention. Throw your purse or bag in the other direction and run for your life! Identity cards, credit cards, money and other documents can be retrieved through various means but not your life. At the end of the day, your life counts for everything, so be safe and be smart – don’t lose your life like a fool.


by Christina Thomas