Founded in 1912, Emhart Glass SdnBhd is a leading international supplier of equipment controls and parts to the glass container industry. The company has vast expertise in glass container forming, glass conditioning, gob forming, ware handling, cold end inspection, refractory parts and quality assurance. Emhart Glass also provides installation, training, production assistance and maintenance services for the glass industry. With its headquarters in Switzerland, Emhart Glass has 14 operations in 10 countries across the globe. The company’s vision is to establish glass as a preferred ecological material in the world. 


As an employer, the company’s guiding principle is to foster an environment for personal development where every employee’s contribution is crucial to the business. The Group is also committed to increasing shareholder value, offering superior return on investment to customers and providing technological know-how in the glass manufacturing industry. In Malaysia, Emhart Glass is located in the industrial zone of UluTiram in Johor, Malaysia’s southern economic powerhouse. The Malaysian operations has been certified with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification. The Group has also been awarded ISO Certification in Sweden and the USA. 


Emhart Glass has a research facility in Windsor, which was opened in 2007 with an investment of approximately EUD18 million. The R&D centre is a revolutionary facility which will help the Group develop enhanced glass-forming methods, increase automation and improve yields. The new R&D centre also comprises of a complete production line for the manufacture of glass bottles, giving the Group the opportunity to test ideas in an industrial environment. The centre is also an important venue for trials, benchmarking and training activities for both employees and customers. Ultimately the new facility will enable Emhart to rapidly create, test and market new solutions.


Emhart offers eligible candidates the opportunity to grow with the company in a niche market. With attractive remuneration packages, learning and development opportunities as well as excellent employee benefits, Emhart is an ideal environment for career growth and development. The Group is a caring employer who recognises employees’ contributions through employee awards and recognition programmes. Emhart promises a truly global and multicultural working environment complemented by its technological prowess in the glass industry. The company also boasts of vast opportunities for career progression and growth. The company is led by a strong management with solid expertise in the global business environment and vast exposure to global economies.

To learn more about Emhart Glass, visit www.emhartglass.co or http://www.godzilink.com/FeaturedCompanies/19/Emhart-Glass-Sdn-Bhd

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