Top 5 Best Cities to Live and Work 2014 in America


Where you live can impact on your productivity at work. It is important to choose cities that are well organized and secure. Here is a list of the top 10 best cities to live & work in.

Houston, Texas: 

This ranked fourth in the list of the largest cities in United States. Many global corporations have established their offices here. The city is surrounded by plethora neighborhoods that are safe, secure and affordable. Most of the apartments and residential areas have installed indoor and outdoor security systems that help ensure that their confidentiality is not compromised in any way. There are security firms that offer key holding services to businesses and residential apartments. Also, there is a wide array of restaurants, food joints and entertainments joints that can help to reconnect with friends after a long day at work.

Dallas, Texas:  

It is located at the heart of Texas County. You don’t have to stick indoors over the weekend as there are many amusement parks that you can visit. If you are a sports fan, you are in luck as this city has many international stadiums that are used to host annual and monthly games. The many employment opportunities and the fair cost of living make it one of the best cities in United States for fresh graduates and persons looking to work in an engaging and secure environment. 

Raleigh, N.C: 

This is another great city that you can live and work in. There are hundreds if not thousands of employment opportunities here hence finding the right one will not be a problem. There are also natural parks such as Lake Wheeler Park and William B. State Park that you can visit during the weekends and vacations. Social places are managed by local authorities and non-government organizations whose main objective is to protect the environment. 

Washington, D.C: 

This is home to the State House and other governmental agencies. Security in and around this city is maintained a high level by private security firms and government. There are CCTV cameras on virtually all roads and buildings. It is an ideal choice for you if you love visiting historical places as they are in plenty here. There is literally some historical fact to learn in every street corner. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants and hotels that offer quality catering and accommodation services to local and international travelers. 

San Jose, California: 

San Jose reigns supreme as the city with the highest annual mean income, $69,000 per year. There are hundreds if not thousands of family, individual and international businesses here. To meet the ever increasing demand for quality and affordable housing, real estate developers have gone an extra mile to build apartments and residential homes that are built using modern architectural designs. 

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing any of these cities.

Transport: Choose a city that offers different means of transport to its residents. This will help you move from one location to another easily and affordably. Most of them have electric trains and shuttle buses. 


Ultimately, you are looking for a city that has top quality houses and apartments. Use the internet to look at the different neighborhoods that you can rent a house or apartment. It should be located close enough to your work place to save you time and money. 

Finally, relocate to a city whose living standards are affordable and within your reach. Attend social and community events to network and make new friends. If you intend to work from home, choose an apartment that has a reliable internet connection.