Leadership Qualities That Employers Love


Employers will hardly turn down candidates who express high leadership qualities. It is important to familiarize yourself with these qualities so as to increase your chances of getting hired. The most successful global organizations are run by highly motivated and dynamic leaders who make informed decisions on behalf the company.

Here is a list of some of qualities that will determine if you get the job or not.


Can you be trusted not to exploit your position or the company’s resources? This is one question that interviewers ask themselves when evaluating your capabilities. Hence, if you are applying for an internal job, make sure that your track record is clean and demonstrate high levels of integrity. If applying for an external job, reference your former employers in your resume who can vouch for you.

Good judgment: 

Not all decisions made in an organization yield positive results in the long run.  Candidates who have good judgment are able and willing to repair their former bad judgments. Such leaders always evaluate and follow up the decisions made by their employees before jumping into any conclusion. 


It goes without saying that a leader should be fully conversant with the business so as to make informed decisions. Employees feel more confident and assured when working under the supervision of a leader who understands the business inside out. When applying for a leadership position, be sure to express yourself as someone who has the knowledge, skills and experience required to handle tasks assigned to you. Attaching academic qualifications can also show that you are fully conversant with your professional.


Every successful leader has a clear vision of what he or she wants to achieve in the company. You should be able to express and justify you vision to the employers. This will go a long way in helping you motivate other employees by showing them that what they are doing is worthwhile. 



Leadership should not be a scarce commodity but a ubiquitous quality that every employee should have. This helps to create team work. Gone are the days when leadership was treated as an esoteric role for the privileged few. Hence, as a leader, you should cooperate with other employees and help them achieve their objectives. This virtue will come in hardly when managing several departments or projects all at the same time. 

Listening and communication skills: 

The most professional leaders are always tuned to the emotional needs and wants of the people they serve. They are always listening, empathetic and acknowledge what their co-workers are going through. Also, they treat other employees as colleagues not as subordinates and seek to understand, not to direct. Hence, you become a good leader; you have to sharpen your listening and communication skills.

Ability to move from comfort zone: 

Ever heard of the phrase that leadership begins at the end of the comfort zone? Leaders do not stick in their comfort zones; instead they live outside their cocoons and encourage others to do the same. They never miss a chance to challenge dominant logic, institutional thinking and conventional practices. Bottom line; as a leader, you should be able to embrace change and do ordinary things in an extra ordinary manner. 


 This is one important leadership skill that you must possess to get hired for a managerial position. As a leader, you should be able to align mission, values and strategy towards specific goals and objectives. Also, you need to have a strong passion and purpose of what you are doing. 

As you can see, leadership is an important virtue and this explains why most employers have a soft spot for candidates who have these skills. 

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