Common Career Mistakes That You Should Avoid Like Plague


Whether you are fresh graduate or an experienced professional, you career is one of the most important things that you should passionately guard at all times. How you brand yourself in your field of profession has a direct impact on the success that you will achieve. 

Below are common career mistakes that you should avoid;

Job Hopping: 

Switching jobs can tarnish your credibility and image to future employers if you do so too frequently. They believe that such candidates lack commitment, perseverance, sincerity and collaboration. 

Poor career planning:

 Poor planning or failure to plan for your short-term and long-term goals will negatively affect your career growth and development. You will end up stagnating in one position forever. To avoid this, set goals or objectives and have a roadmap on how to achieve them.

Taking assignments for granted: 

Your employer will not be pleased with you if you develop a habit of taking work assigned to you for granted. Be responsible and work on the assignment with full commitment and zeal. Also, make sure that you complete it within the agreed timeframe as any delays can lead to losses. 

Leaking out confidential information: 

The privacy and confidentiality of your organization should be upheld at a high level at all times. Leaking confidential information to unauthorized persons is unacceptable and you may lose your job for such offences.


Running away from responsibilities and not accepting mistakes are some of the characteristics of stubbornness. To establish yourself as a professional, you need to be able to accept your mistakes and learn from them. 


Honest is highly paid and respected in virtually all workplaces. So, be honest and diligent in all assignments that come your way. Even when you decide to quit, show you’re responsible and diligent by handing over all files, data and project assignments in your possession.

Lack of punctuality: 

All your hard work and output will be rendered useless if you are not punctual. Be sure to keep your seniors informed when you are away to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Staying isolated: 

Concentrating too much on yourself and work will surely harm your image at the work place. Instead, collaborate with other workmates or departments. This will help hone your teamwork skills and build networks that will be beneficial to you socially and professionally. 

Mixing professional and personal life: 

This is one of the major career mistakes that you should avoid like plague. Leave your personal troubles at the door when coming to work as this can hamper your productivity. Refrain from mixing the two to give your work a professional outlook.

Too specialized: 

Specializing too much on one aspect can lock out opportunities and narrow your applicability. It is recommendable to start as a general before getting good or perfecting several things. That is, be an expert in several tasks but do not lose the rest. 

Being too Money Oriented: 

Do not take up a career just because it pays well. More often than not, such careers offer little or no growth opportunities. The money charm fades away after some time but the skills enhancement and career growth increase your chances of qualifying for other job opportunities down the road.

Fighting change: 

Well, at times changes bring about some unforeseen problems. Nevertheless, you should be dynamic and open-minded. Do not shy away from trying out new solutions or activities that can improve your service delivery and productivity. 

Finally, be careful not to end up saturating or stick in one position for a long time. It is a good idea to request for project assignment if you feel that you are stagnating. Otherwise, there is no point of sticking in a job that does not enhance your skills or offer any growth opportunities. 

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