Top 10 Tips on How to Take Full Control of Your Profession


Any professional career expert agrees to the fact that the best time to look for a new job is when still in your current job. If there are few or no career development/advancement opportunities in your place of work, then it’s the high time for you to start searching for a new job. Note that only you can determine your future and success hence it is of paramount importance to ensure that you are in the right career path.

Talk to your boss: 

Before making any move, book an appointment with your boss and have a direct conversation about your future endeavors in the company. Be sure to share your own career goals and objectives during this conservation in a confident and respectful manner. 

Request for more responsibilities:

The reason why you want to advance or look for a better job is probably because you feel that you are currently stagnating in your position. If that is the case do not hesitate to request for more work or responsibilities. This will greatly increase your value and contribution to the overall success of the company. Nevertheless, you should only take up assignments that you can successfully and comfortably handle.

Be a volunteer in an advisory board: 

Taking a voluntary position in your organizations advisory boards can help you achieve some of your long term goals. Also, this will give you a chance to prove your capabilities and build your reputation as someone who is dedicated and passionate about your job.

Sharpen your interpersonal skills:

 Strong people skills will help you prove to your seniors that you are professional. Also, it will enable you to gain respect and trust from your co-workers and boss. In the process you may get noticed by outsiders who might offer new job opportunities in future. Be approachable, outgoing, and friendly. Listen keenly to what other people have to say and communicate in a simple, respectful and consistent manner. 

Be innovative: 

Be on the lookout for creative solutions that can solve problems that you company is currently facing. Never be afraid to think outside the norm/ box and put your business acumen to work. This will in the long run make you look good to your boss and colleagues. 

Have a mentor: 

A mentor is someone who understands and resonates with your ideas and career development goals. Studies shows that 4 out of 5 promotions are influenced by mentors who hold high positions in the company hence it is totally fine to have a mentor in your current workplace. They are a great source of career guidance and information.

Brand yourself: 

One of the surest ways of getting your dream job is by branding yourself correctly. First, you need to learn the fine art of self promotion. For example, let the employers known about your past success especially seniors can help you advance professionally. Do not be afraid to seek a promotion or an opportunity to step up your career. 

Keep learning: 

One of the most trusted ways of climbing up the career ladder is by continually acquiring new knowledge. This will help you to keep tabs on developments and trends in your professional. Be sure to include the new skills in your resume to further increase your chance of getting that promotion. 

Network and outsource: 

Revamp your personal networks by becoming a member of various professional organizations; attend conferences and even volunteer for various tasks. Be sure to tell your fellow professionals about your skills and capabilities to increase your chances of getting information on new opportunities. 

Every employee should seek career development in a bid to grow and acquire new skills. Be sure to carry yourself in a professional manner all along to create a good first impression. 

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