Workplace Safety and Health


Everybody loves to be healthy and safe. It is for this reason that health insurance companies still exist and make profits even in hard economical times. A healthy person is productive and can do just anything in life as opposed to someone battling diseases every now and then. 

Employers have the greatest role to play and ensure that the workforce is safe and healthy in order to benefit in the following ways:

Motivation to work. There is always a lot of motivation to work in an organization when employees are healthy and safe. They are able to give maximum input to help an organization achieve its goals and objects

Fewer interruptions. In organizations where workers are always out on a sick leave, there is likelihood of failure as far as meeting targets and achieving goals is concerned. An employer has to find people to replace workers who are out due to illnesses. Further, the government or the affected individuals may sue the organization because they have not taken responsibility to protect their workers from any possible heath hazard.   It is only wise that an employer adopts a health and safety culture and makes necessary adjustments to discourage interruptions.

Retaining workforce. There are a lot of resources wasted when an employer keeps hiring employees. Yet, many people do not leave organizations that are concerned about their health and safety. Essentially, an employer will have a ready to work and motivated members of staff for a very long time if only they ensure that they are healthy. 

Reputation. Organizations that are concerned about the health and safety of workers are likely to have a good reputation even from the world outside. This could mean sales of products, profitability and growth of an organization. Further, long term goals are easily achieved in such companies. 

There are several things that employers could do to ensure that workers are safe and healthy. These include:

Well designed offices or work places. Every office or workplace should be designed in such a way that workers are safe. This means that they should have well lit offices, good furniture, spacious offices with proper storage areas, air conditioned offices and quiet areas. This way, workers can avoid back pains, eye strains, air pollution, falling due to clustered office and noise pollution.

 Every worker must want to spend more time at their workplace. An employer can even choose the paint colors wisely and have good décor in order to encourage a good mood in an office.

Provision of safety equipments. This could mean installing fire extinguishers, alarms and exit doors or safe zones. The facilities should be located strategically so that workers can quickly reach them in case of danger.

Training. This is the most important part of ensuring that workers are health and safe. Employers should regularly hold seminars to train workers on: how to use safety equipments such as fire extinguishers, having correct postures while working and what they should in case of an emergency. It could also border on adoption of a healthy lifestyle such as taking water, doing exercises and taking breaks regularly. 

This training can be as simple as provision of online materials or s complicated as holding a week’s seminar; depending on the organizational needs. However, everyone in the organization must grasp all the concepts of remaining safe and healthy. 

Insurance. Good employers adopt an insurance policy program for their workers. In many organizations, this is the biggest motivation for workers to show up everyday and be productive in their tasks. The insurance can cover members of the family or just be limited to the family. Note that this insurance is only valid for as long as the employee is still working within an organization.


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