How to manage your emotions at work place


Emotions are the stronger and provide you with more objective view of the things. These help you to develop your inner self. However, you need to control your emotions, and it doesn’t anyway mean that you should ignore them. Pent up emotions will not lead you anywhere, and more importantly when you are working in corporate culture, showing your emotions in a randomly uncontrolled manner would result into  huge fiasco and the entire situation would turn upside down. It is very natural that you do not want this to happen at any cost, and therefore, you need to take control of your emotions at the work place. 

Here are few things that you need to do to manage your emotions at the work place: 

Beware of the emotions and what causes them – The situations in your office can change haphazardly, letting you through a provocation. You start feeling jealous, or fearful, or even best. These are just the few manifestations of your emotions and all of these ask for the control. The very first and significant concern should be to understand the situation you are currently in, and what type of emotions you are going to get through. There can also be the scenario wherein multiple emotions bubble up simultaneously, and you are not able to understand what is going on within you. Think of those situations and balance your reaction. Each emotion should not be reacted to. Find out the reasoning first, and then you will make the things work.  

Understand that emotions do not appear mysteriously from anywhere – It is researched and analyzed that humans are at the mercy of their emotions, without even knowing about them. In fact, they are facing the emotion problems on subconscious level. You should recognize and understand the emotions right from the moment you materialize them, instead of making yourself burned. After you have understood and recognized the emotions, you need to repress your feelings, or at least find out the ways in which you can easily control them from happening in front of your office colleagues or management. For the better times, it would be good to ask about yourself all through the day to yourself – “How am I feeling at this point?” It would be a good idea to keep the journal record of everything. You need to write down the situations that made you feel perturbed or caused the emotions. It is always good to take the ownership of your emotions. You should not blame anyone or everyone around you. Once you take the responsibility of your emotions, obviously, you will start controlling them.


Pen the evidences supporting or contradicting the thoughts, which produced those emotions – You can be in a terrible situation or you are not in a terrible situation. It is very important that you control those emotions by joining all the connecting links together. In this way, you will build up the realization on particular situations that were responsible behind your erratic behavior on that particular day. 

Think of better options available for you – Once you have the realization and awareness of the emotions, find out the ways and emotions. You are controlled by your emotions when you come to the realization that there is only one way to react. However, on the contrary, you need to think that there is always the choice available. Remember, there are always two alternatives to a particular thing. Do not react or do nothing. This kind of approach will make the situation easy. When you do not react to the situation, obviously the other person will become frustrated and stops reacting.   

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