Engineering is for everyone

Engineering may sound difficult, the technical courses required for an engineering degree may seem to shroud the discipline in a mist of mystery and complex math and formulations, with physical principles that blows ones mind again and again until one virtually loses ones' mind...(boom!)

Well that's actually true to a degree (no pun intended here). But it does not take a PhD or a college degree to do engineering. We do need technical knowledge to engineer advanced products, but for basic engineering, what's truly needed is a passion for developing a product, ideas, creativity and perseverance (they don't teach that at engineering school!)

Any product starts from a need. Then you figure out how to solve the need. You may come up with many different ideas, but you will pick and choose the idea(s) that appear(s) to be the best, realize the idea, test it and if it solves the need, you are done! No where in this process is there a stated requirement for science and math! Engineering is a thinking process, it is a way of life!

The key is to know what resources you have, what resources you can and are willing to obtain, and what resources are out of reach and then finding a balanced solution from your resources. With the invention of the internet, knowledge is literally at our fingertips and almost anyone can build almost anything. People and talents can be found on the web through social media sites. Angel investors are ready to fund the next best idea in hopes that the idea will bloom into the next best product.

How did we end up with such an entrepreneurial approach in discussing engineering? The truth is engineering is closely tied to entrepreneurship. It is about ideas, execution and economics! 

Good luck!

by Dr.Derrick Lim

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