Micromanagement and Its Effects

Within the purview of business management, micromanagement is an essential form of management style wherein a senior level manager would make close observation or rather controls the work of subordinates or employees. In a wider sense, it needs to be considered that Micromanagement has a far negative impediment.

Micromanagement is about managing significant official tasks with subtleness and close observation and more obviously controlled excessively. Controlling here means that the senior level mangers concentrate on the details and organization of work by subordinates. Quite often than always such a control can turn out to be retaliatory and destruction of office environment.


The very idea of this new and evolving concept in enterprises has gained extension in diversified social extent, wherein any person working in the lead management is going to take a bully control and directly or indirectly influence the bully approach. By using such an approach, the person would take control over team members for not making difference to the priority leads.

This type of obsession might lead you through the problems and often serious levels of clashes. It leads to direct failure of management decision and more obviously, there is failure of focusing on prominent details.

Micromanagers are the gatekeepers of micromanagement and they work out general set of instructions on smaller set of tasks and later on devoting plenty of time for supervising larger concerns.  Also called as the micromanager monitors, they are capable of managing small steps involved within the business process and avoid smooth entrustment of decisions appropriately and in right framework of time. Owing to the responsibilities and tasks, most of times, the micromanagers show irritation in a scenario when their subordinates are making wring decision or in fact they go around making too many of loose decisions that can be overwhelmingly dangerous in some way or the other to an organization.


Micromanagement also regularly involves demands for creation of unnecessary and exaggeratedly detailed reports or what is otherwise known as Report Mania.  A micromanager is quick enough to continuously seek constant and comprehensive presentation feedback, focusing unduly on procedural trivia. The result is that overall performance, quality and results make a break away. Since strong and unwanted focus is laid on “Low-Level” small things, there are natural delays caused in making serious and more effective decisions, goals and objectives. There is restriction of flow of information between the guides and the employees. All of it results into an anarchy or kind of disorder.

Finally, the disadvantageous effects of micromanagement can easily cross the "four walls" of a company, and employees start talking of misbehaviors and mismanagement happening within the company to their friends and colleagues. A kind of negative reputation starts building up and the whole scenario becomes problematic to work in. Employees are the direct target of negative micromanagement.


Micromanagement and its Negative Effects

Micromanagement has plenty of negative effects, and most of the times, these effects are of devastating nature for organization of any size and character. Here are the few deliberate effects of micromanagement:

  • Serious levels of damages caused to the trust of horizontal (subordinate-subordinate) as well as vertical(manager-subordinate)  relationships;
  • resentment is clearly visible in the construction of ex post between horizontal (subordinate-subordinate) and vertical(manager-subordinate)  relationships;
  • strong levels of interference are shown with existing teamwork, thereby limiting the growth of future teamwork;
  • exploitation to extreme levels begins to take place and, this eventually leads to mismanagement.


While micromanagement affects the working of organization and to some extent strains morale of individuals, there is always a positive side to it. Organizations with positive micromanagement skills show improvement in work and processes become transparent.

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