The Importance of Employee Recognition


Sweating all through the day at your work place, slogging each day to provide the best, making efforts to take your project to stage of completion requires not only require sheer human efforts, but also lot of strategy building. Despite attaining such levels of hard work, how you are going to feel when all your hard work is put into ditch. You do not get rewards or recognitions. You are ignored by your managers’ day in and day out. You are always kept under pressure.

Your intense professional labor brought laurels to the company. It reached to new heights as the result of your sincere efforts, but for you there is neither any bonus or promotion or a word of praise. Would you put the same level of efforts next time when any laborious task comes up your way? Most probably never! At such times, when hard work is overturned, there is no way or means that anyone would be excited to make the efforts. Very often, the work force feels shattered, let down and completely confused. This can seriously affect the level of work and productivity is likely to take nose-dive. The extreme situations when management simply ignores hard work of employees, its repercussions turn out to be far more than just detrimental for the company. Ignorance of employee recognition by senior management clearly showcases that it is oblivious of the reputation of employees. Such a failure or behavior shown by senior management has to be immediately taken on a serious note and efforts should be made to negate it.

Employee recognition is of two individual kinds. These are – Formal Recognition and Informal Recognition. In formal type of employee recognition, management issues the letter of honor to the designated employee to recognize his or her work. The representative of senior management can also send a formal email highlighting his or her good work.

In the Informal type of employee recognition, any of representatives from company’s senior management would visit your desk and offer words of congratulation, and simultaneously pat on your shoulder. This would surprise you, but in the end, you like the gesture.

Why Employee Recognition is Necessary

There are number of logical reasons why employees efforts in a company should be acknowledge and recognized by senior management. Here are few reasons to support:

Regular and timely employee recognition keeps the morale of employees high up and it results into improved individual productivity. According to the classic behavioral psychology, recognizing a particular desired behavior enhances the repetition of desired behavior.

The satisfaction rate of employees increase and they love working. The resultant is that employees will continue to focus on their core tasks rather than complaining of the things.

The company would continue to enjoy higher loyalty as well as satisfaction scores form its customers

There is deliberate enhancement of team work between the employees

Negative and detrimental factors such as absenteeism and stress are reduced or completely eliminated

High retention rate of quality employees

 How to Recognize Your Employees

There are several creative and attractive ways by which you can recognize your employees. Here are few of the most prominent ones:

Place a placard on the wall saying “WE NEED YOUR EFFORTS”

 Arranging the annual dinners for employees

 One on one discussions on public forums

 Writing few lines about the employees in organization’s newsletter

 Placing the poster with employee of the month in reception area

If you are running an organization, make sure that you value employee recognition. Remember, you are the first one out there to recognize the hard work delivered by your employees. Give them the confidence that they hold value and commitment.



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