How to improve current staff’s performance in a company



So what about the measurement of the existing staffs? Some argued that the employees themselves are not motivated to pursue further in a company, and one of the reason to be put on the table is most likely due to same repetition of job task in long period of time, or the exposure into opportunities are limited. It is always advisable to always do evaluations, observation, and monitoring the staff’s performance and capability. 

Few assessments can be considered, such as:- 

• Conducting performance appraisal form to study and measure individual’s improvement, changes, and development and excel whichever is possible to turn his/her talents into business development that bring good to company. 


• Always remind the individual’s targets and goals and to meet company’s objectives 


• Always evaluate those who is potential to into leadership and to boost up their work performance, this can encourage them to strive harder and further 


• Train the staff to have a healthy mindset, for example, always stay optimistic and to face challenges bravely. 


• Conduct corporate practical and theory training to refresh staff’s knowledge and minds; this also leads to healthy relationship within the corporation. 


• Increase the staff’s personal confidence by providing consistent personal growth training so that they are always updated and being aware of the market needs and opportunities 


• Reward the staff special gifts, awards or certification. This allows a great motivation, satisfaction and successful accomplishment for the staff knowing their own capability and improvement; better if the certificate or awards are being international recognized and/ or meeting the quality standards. 


By doing such, the organization or the company does not only ensure the objectives and goals will lead to successful roads, but also obtain extra credits on the company’s core value and the image branding. Good communication and motivation between the employers and the employees are necessary as it helps the company to save more time and money to avoid a high turn-over and wasting time on training new people again and again. As for the employees themselves, such method allow them to be even more independent, informative, productive, creative and more confident in their own jobs.


By Suki Ong