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Sales and marketing are 2 different things, although they go hand in hand. Marketing involves reaching out to people and persuading, them while sales has to do with everything that closes a sale. Selling is actually the final stage in marketing. 

What is a marketing department?

A marketing department deals with enhancing the appeal of a product or service to the customer, and increasing the number of interactions between prospective customers and the organization. To achieve all this, promotional techniques should be put into action. They include; advertising, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, introducing new products among other things. It can also bring the desired customers to check out the websites to learn more on the products and services offered. They can also make use of twitter, facebook and other media outlets for interactions. 


What is a sales department?

The sales department aims at improving the interaction between the customer and the sales mechanism. Sales management breaks down the selling process and increases the efficiency of the distinct processes as well as the coordination of processes. 

Sales and marketing is a tough career, but one that is easy to handle. It’s not only about what it offers, but also about your interests and expectations. Careers are chosen according to your passion, interests and talent. You venture into what you can best do.

Why study sales and marketing?

Sales and marketing as a career is very dynamic, and stimulating. Looking for a job that is never boring? Then the answer is sales. It allows you to meet different people in different places, at different times. If you love to travel, sales is just the best career for you.

Sales can amount to huge profits. Apart from the fixed salary that you get, you also get a fee based on the price of the product you sell. This is commonly known as a commission. Sales give you a sense of achievement. It’s never always about sealing a sale and getting paid for it. It’s more of the feeling you get after closing the deal because you made it happen.  

Marketing gives you the opportunity to be creative. Marketing is interactive and you may find yourself working with interesting people on exciting campaigns. 

Main functions of marketing

Product approach and management

New product discovery and progression

Incorporated marketing communications

Customer insight and  research


Main functions of sales

Financial management

Inside sales (closing a business deal over the phone)

Customer service management


There are different types of jobs, that all fall within sales and marketing. They include;

Customer accounts manager

Sales specialists

Product promoter

Sales engineers

Marketing executives

Sales representative

Advertising sales agent

Sales and marketing directors. This one opens doors to becoming an assistant manager, executive manager, general manager and even vice president of an organization.

Customer service representatives, among others.

With sales and marketing, you can get a job in different organizations.  There is a variety to choose from. You can work in business organizations, private companies, governments, industries, supermarkets, media, hospitals, NGOs and so many others.

For example, you can be hired by a Mobile Phone company, for example Samsung, to promote their products. All you would need to do is know about the product and how to convince people to purchase it. This can be done through offers, promotions, etc.

You can also be hired in a government agency where you will act as an intermediary between business at home and in foreign countries. This includes persuading investors and businessmen from abroad, to join your company and work together.

The opportunities are endless indeed.


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