Tips On How To Better Your Cold Calling Marketing Strategy


What is cold calling? Simply put, this is a marketing strategy that helps entrepreneurs connect with their prospective customers through various communication channels such as telephone and emails. More often than not, the recipient is not expecting the call hence marketers have to come up with an effective way of passing their intended message and lure the client to purchase a particular product or service. 


If you decide to use this strategy to market your products, it is of paramount importance to put into consideration the following tips so as to build a long lasting business rapport.

1# Research:

 An intensive research on your target market will help you gather all the information you need before dialing the numbers. One of the best ways of doing this is by looking at prospects whose profiles are similar to your past clients. This will help you prepare well for the conversation. Steer clear of words or terms that may be unfamiliar to the clients as this may deter them from doing business with you.

2# Prepare your script: 

The script should have all the important points that you intend to discuss with the client. It should have at least four of three sentences that introduce you and describes your services or products in a professional manner. Note that the main essence of the script is to win the hearts of the customers and book an appointment but not to pass substantive information about your services. 

3# Have the right attitude and confidence: 

Ever heard of the quote, “One never gets a second chance to create an impressive first impression”. Well, it still holds water in this context. Have the right attitude and confidence in your abilities to provide value to your customers. Confidence coupled with a positive attitude will surely hone your communication skills and motivate to make the cold calls.

4# Plan: 

Once you have the prospective client on the line, execute your script. Do not read it; instead paraphrase it with enthusiasms and confidence. It is normal to get objections when trying to attract customers to your business. As a professional in this field, you should anticipate these objections and learn how to respond to them correctly. If you happen to get more than three objections, be cool and polite as you end the conversation to safeguard your reputation and credibility in the market. 

5# Be committed: 

To succeed in any initiative, you have to remain committed and determined all through. Practicing regularly is one of the guaranteed ways of mastering this art. 

6# Don’t Shy away from leaving a message: 

There is no guarantee that the target audience will pick your call. In such a scenario, it is modest to leave a message in the contact’s voice mail system. It should be brief and in line with your script. Also, it is recommendable to say that you will call back later or politely request them to call you back rather than booking an appointment as this may inconvenience the clients and push them away. 

7# Use Referrals: 

When leaving a message, it is advisable to establish a common connection so as to encourage them to call you back. Including a referral that is closely linked to your prospect in your message is a sure way of increasing your chances of getting a call back. 

8# Keep records: 

It is of paramount importance to keep records of all prospects who you have called and appointments. Use these records to organize your daily schedules and gauge your progress. There is always something new you can learn from every call even if it does not result in an immediate sale. Jot it down; it can help you prepare for a follow-up call later.

Cold calling is indeed one of the sure ways of generating leads to your business without spending a fortune.