Do you have the leadership quality?


A leader is not born but he or she is made. It is the leadership qualities that eventually make the leader. Talk of a successful politician, or a popular religious figure or a famous business personality, you would find that all of them have good leadership qualities. It is not an uncommon thing to find out individuals with leadership qualities. The question is – What makes a good leader?  An individual showing responsibilities of a leader will not make the person an effective leader. 

If you are keen on becoming the leader, start it by analyzing your performance in the specific areas of the leadership. Here are few important questions that you need to look into thoroughly:

Do you seriously consider people’s skills as well as in their interests when assigning the tasks?

Do you doubt your abilities to succeed?

Do you always like to go for the top performing people?

Do you expect your staff to do more hard work than what you do?

Do you understand the feelings of your staff?

Do you adapt to the changed circumstances?

Do you allow your personal feelings to get in the way of your performance and productivity or not?

Are you always motivated and make the people around you also motivated?

Do you worry about your team’s morale?

Do you get worried or upset in the workplace?

Do your actions corroborate what you want from them?

Are you optimistic about your life and the short-lived setbacks?

Do you give time to your staff members and make them learn?

Do you encourage your team members to work enthusiastically to achieve the pre-defined work goals? 

Once you have made the answers to the above question, you can make the unanimous decision on the factor whether you are really having leadership qualities or not? 

Need to work hard- If you want to be the leader in this world, you ought to work hard and harder every day. You need to develop your leadership skills. You have to enhance your skills at home or in the community.  You have to prove your skills as only then you will be considered as asset in your work place and society. 

Check your potential as the leader – You need to build up strong foundation as a leader. For building effective leadership, you need to improve your skills and try to become one. Examine the problematic areas where you are facing the weakness and determine what types of qualities you need to inculcate for developing your skills. 

There are several types of leadership skills as well as competencies, which when combined together and applied strategically would make you a real growing and effective leader. When you start working for these competencies, you would come to know that you are seriously working towards them.  

What personal traits you need to look within yourself?

Here are the few characteristics that you should always be looking at:

Self-confidence – You need to be self-confident about your abilities. It is seen that most of self-confident people are inspiring, and they believe in themselves.   

Optimistic – A leader is always optimistic of any situation, no matter how bad that situation really tries to become. Optimism would help you to grow and make it sure that you look around for the means and purposes. It would be a great deal of enthusiasm that the optimism brings in you. 

Transformational Leadership – This is a special kind of leadership style that would transform you into the leader. You would create the inspiring vision for the future, which helps to motivate your followers and give them the advantage to work together. 

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