When Less Is More


Dressing Up A Small Space

With an increase in pint-sized box-shaped apartments nowadays, it is indeed a challenge to figure out how to decorate these little spaces tastefully and yet not go overboard. Here are a few guidelines to spruce up a small apartment to look elegant and stylish with a touch of class:

Round tables, curvy chairs and rugs adorned with dots or spherical shapes will add character to a small room and increase its aesthetic value. 

Light coloured rugs or carpets can infuse a sense of spaciousness into a room and add depth to a small apartment.

Curtains can do wonders in a small apartment. Once can add drama to the apartment by just playing with the curtains. Try different colours and hang them floor to ceiling to reflect height. You could even hide the curtain rails in the cornice for a smooth flow. 

A small space will look elegant and stylish moderately sized furniture such as a couch, an arm-chair or a coffee table. Don’t try to cram bulky furniture into a small space as it will render a congested feeling and even induce claustrophobia. 

Have some fun with lighting – use lamps in various shapes and sizes to add a touch of class and exudes a homely glow. 


Colours Can Work Wonders

A small apartment may have too few walls to experiment with and choosing wall colours can be challenging. Use these easy tricks to bring life to walls in a small space:

Carefully chosen colours and strategically placed furnishing can add depth to a small apartment. Choose colours that are sharp instead of dull colours. Sharp as in bright colours next to lighter shades to offer different dimensions to the room. 

Colour the insides of a shelf or a windowsill to add excitement to the room. Contrasting colours offer a sense of spaciousness.

Create a feature wall. Splash one wall with a bold colour and leave the other walls with a more soothing tone. This can enlarge the space, giving it a more spacious feel.


Giving the bathroom character

Small apartments often have very small bathrooms. Here’s how you can add some spice to your bathroom:

Cabinet doors can be bulky and take up space. Keeps things clutter free and light. A vanity top offers character to a bathroom, however, ugly shelves and wall-hung baskets for toiletries can be a complete disaster. Go for small drawers at the sides of the vanity top to hide away small toiletries and cosmetics.

Plucking out a few tiles and replace them with decorative mosaic or glass tiles of contrasting colours. To add a grand look, swap the plain looking light fixture for a mini-chandelier. Add a dimmer switch to set the mood. 

Replace a normal bathroom door with a sliding or foldable door to claim additional space which was once reserved for the door. 

Simple window treatment in bathrooms will work wonders and enlarge it. Unadorned windows, clear or frosted glass are also good options to allow the free flow of natural light.

Mirrors do wonders in making small spaces look more spacious. Installing a full length mirror on one wall of the bathroom will create an illusion of spaciousness. Two mirrors hung facing each other can create the effects of a never-ending room. 

Tapping on the potential of balconies

In Malaysia, balconies are often misused or abused as utility rooms with the hanging of laundry and other unsightly household stuff. We need to remind ourselves that balconies are great places to unwind, have a chat over a cuppa and enjoy the air. Here’s how to beautify a balcony and get the most out of it:

Consider the size of the balcony before buying furniture for it. You must be able to sit comfortably to enjoy the atmosphere.

Flowers and plants set the mood in balconies. Hanging baskets, creepers or even small pots will work well. 

Ensure that whatever you put on the balcony will not be susceptible to sunlight and rain, lest it may not last very long. 

Decorating small homes may be challenging due to size but with a little creativity and innovation it has the potential to shine with style and class. 




By ChristinaThomas

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