A Great Holiday On A Shoe-String Budget


Considering the rising cost of living and how expensive everything is today, embarking on a great holiday does not have to be a financial nightmare. All it takes is some careful planning, common sense and creativity. Before you set your sights on international destinations, check out the local holiday hotspots. You’ll find some great places that have changed for the better since you last visited and some that you have never explored. What’s wrong with visiting the same location twice? It can still be a great holiday with a different experience. 

Going on local Malaysian holidays can be a little lighter on your pockets as well as you can strike out high currency exchange rates, air-tickets and inconvenient transportation (drive if you can). Consider these tips when going on a local holiday;


Five or even four-star hotels are a definite no-no on a shoe-string budget. Settle for something that has clean beds and a functional toilet, because aside from spending the night there, you’ll be out most of the time, so why waste money on expensive accommodation. 


Entertainment is not about RM100 theme-parks and expensive entry fees into entertainment outlets. Enjoy the local scenery for free, the beaches, nature trails, jungle-trekking and indigenous communities. Experience the Malaysian heritage, culture and sights that are free or with minimal costs. Consider animal sanctuaries and learn about the wonderful animals and creatures that walk our land, besides ourselves. But if you still want to throng the theme-parks and entertainment outlets, go ahead, it’s still kinder on the pockets than going overseas – besides you’ll be fuelling our economy. 


Car-pool with friends or take public transport where it is convenient. That will help you save on fuel and toll charges. Besides if you are not zooming around your holiday destination in a car, you might take the time to smell the roses, enjoy the atmosphere and meet other holiday-makers. 

Haven’t got a clue where to start? Check out the rolling hills of the Titiwangsa range that include Cameron Highlands, Frasers Hill, Genting Highlands, LataKijang; or the scenic beaches of the east coast, the west coast and east Malaysia. Island hopping is another great option especially with Malaysia surrounded by beautiful and mystical islands that include, Langkawi and its cluster of islands, Penang, Pangkor Island, Tioman, Perhentian and Redang. Other ideasinclude the breath-taking rainforests of the National Park (Taman Negara), Belum Forests and the magical rainforests of Borneo which is also home to Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia’s pride.

If that’s not enough and you still insist on theme-parks, Malaysia has scores of them and more in progress – check out the latest Legoland, Genting theme-parks, Sunway Lagoon, Desa Waterpark, the Lost World of Tambun, the Paya Indah Wetlands, Mines Wonderland, Bukit MerahLaketown Waterpark, Wet World Pedas Hot Spring and Wet World Shah Alam. 

Cover these glorious Malaysian holiday destinations before you place your sights on international destinations. 

By ChristinaThomas
Photos courtesy of :tioman.cc, cuti.my